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We are a lot like you, looking at the events of the world, wanting to ensure our family and friends are safe and protected, trying to not make a critical mistake in our preparation. We know the value in being prepared even during times where accidents or disasters seem very unlikely. Because no one can pinpoint the exact time a disaster will strike, it’s prudent to be prepared.


We sell Aquamira water filtration and Berkey water purification systems as well as many other items that will assist in getting prepped. We know that when measures are taken ahead of time for disaster preparedness, the outcome is more positive than if someone skipped prepping for a disaster. We are pleased to offer Wise Foods for long term food storage, Aquamira products to filter your water on the go, two person emergency preparedness kits to get you going, and other essential prepping items for our customers. Our prices are competitive and our products are beyond compare.We don’t have endless dollars to throw at expensive supplies. Whether it is a natural disaster, financial calamity, or a terrorist action, we need some affordable emergency supplies and a source for getting answers to questions.


That is our mission. We are here to provide our community the very best in emergency supplies for both short and long term duration disasters. We do not recommend or sell any items that we have not personally tried, tested, or used. As we grow our site, please trust that our recommendations are proven and our pricing is the best you will find anywhere.


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